Orthotic Inserts

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  • Energy Arch Support

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    The Energy Arch Support provides a self-supporting construction made of injection-molded Polyester. The thin, lightweight design meets the anatomical needs of the body. This unique insole is thin, lightweight thermo-formable and maintains an adequate amount of flexibility at all times. With the high quality materials used in fabrication and the effectiveness of its design, The… View Product »

  • Relax Time Arch Support

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    The Relax Time Support is thin and lightweight. It offers a superior fit in any shoe and is designed to provide mild and gentle support for light activity.

  • The Cloud Nine High Arch

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    The Cloud Nine is designed for high-arched and flexible feet, fits easily in most shoes, and is lightweight and very comfortable.

  • The Supreme plus Arch Supports

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    It’s the Supreme Arch Support with a metatarsal lift and leather cover for a great feel.

  • The Surpreme Arch Support

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    Very thin, semi-flexible, but with maximum support, The Supreme Arch Support is great for all activity levels. It’s also available with a leather cover for a great feel.

  • The Walk Happy Natural™

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    The Walk Happy Natural™ We call it a foot trainer because it has proven its effectiveness in dealing with foot, knee, hip and back pain for over 35 years. It is designed to encourage the foot into a natural and neutral position while standing and walking, and it offers support that is both firm and… View Product »